Lost Ones has an alternate timeline. Some of the biggest changes are:

1307 – Knights Templar officially disbanded. The organization instead goes underground and begins a series of targeted assassinations starting with King Phillip the IV. A bloody civil war followed. The templar continued to influence politics through assassination until they had agents near the throne. They also began to hunt sorcerors and creatures they had discovered in their travels. the order makes it one of their primary missions to protect the church and humanity from demons (a catch all for anything they didn’t understand)

1317 – The English Invaded shortening the civil war. Upron driving off the invasion Jean I, Son of Louis X, was crowned king in 1317 at the afe of one year. His steward and cousin Hugh De Orleans raised him until he could take the throne.

18?? – Queen Victoria Assassinated. Queen Eleanore II assumes the throne. France and England grow closer due to Elanore having ties to both crowns.

1889 – Crown Prince Rudolph committed suicide, some believe he was murdered by the Knights templar to get Franz Ferdinand on the throne. He was picked for his devoted conservative Catholic background.

1910 – WWI starts as Austria Hungary

1914 – Franz Ferdinand is shot in a botched assassination attempt by The Black Hand. Austria-Hungary responds by invading Serbia. This kicks off WWI as the Allies declare war on the Triple Alliance.


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