Lost Ones is an Urban Fantasy rpg inspired by World of Darkness, The Magicians, The Dresden Files, Lost Girl, The Books of Magic, Sandman (comic), and is essentially a dark urban fantasy mash up.

There are different groups in the shadows vying for power. The Fae, Vampires, Werewolves, the aware humans, etc. The one thing most of them agree on is keeping their presence hidden by maintaining the masquerade.
Only a select few humans know how to control the mystical energies on Earth. Most of them are members of the white council. There are also those that oppose the council such as The Burning Hand and The Knights Templar The Court of the Moon and the Sun have been at war for centuries. Some of the fae live on Earth fleeing the war. Some have been raised not knowing their homeland, or their nature and some others were even raised by mortals. Those that live on Earth live in fear of discovery as deserters or being swept back into the war. What would a peace in Fairy mean? Who would claim parts of Earth as their territory? Who will pay for their war crimes?


Savage Worlds

Urban Shadows



Lost Ones

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